Sexy Venice Lace Up Garter Belt

Wedding Underwear with Garter Belts

When Embarking On A Traditional, White Wedding, There Are Several Things That Are Almost Guaranteed To Happen During The Day. You’ll Have To Endure The Father Of The Bride Speech, Have A First Dance, Throw Your Bouquet To A Mob Of Awaiting Bridesmaids And, And As Is Key In This Point, The Groom Will Remove Your Garter. It Is Just Part And Parcel Of The Traditional British Wedding, But Nevertheless An Extremely Important, Symbolic Act That Has Been Happening For Hundreds Of Years.

Bridal Underwear In General Should Be Functional And Supportive, Helping To Create An Effortless Flow Of The Dress And Aid Comfort And Posture. Yet In The Midst Of All These Sensible Creations, The Traditional Garter Allows A Little Deviation Into Fun And Frolic, Both Of Which Are Necessary To Help Ease The Intense Emotion Of The Wedding Day.

Bridal Gartera Garter Is Essentially A Ring Of Material Which Was, In It’s Earliest Forms, Used To Hold Up Stockings For Both Men And Women. It Has Medieval Roots And Is Even Mentioned In Shakespeare, Where In The Play ‘Twelfth Night’ The Cross-Braced Garter Is Mentioned Several Times As An Undesirable Object. The Highest Order Of Chivalry In Britain Is Called The Order Of The Garter, Thanks To A Complex Story Involving A Poem, Which Dates Back To The 14th Century, With Current Members Including Prince Charles And Former Prime Minister John Major. All Of This Gives The Garter, Quite Unlike Any Other Item Of Clothing, A Unique Place In History.

Now, With The Introduction Of Garter Belts, Hold-Ups And The Other Multitude Of Ways In Which To Secure A Stocking In To Place, The Garter Has Fallen From Favour As A Practical Item, Yet It’s Place Is Secure With The Rich Part It Plays In Bridal Underwear.

Following A Wedding, The Groom Will Remove The Bride’s Garter And, In Most Cases, Throw It To The Assembled Male Guests. The Roots Of This Are Unclear, With Some Claiming It Is A Symbol Of Deflowering Or Loss Of Virginity, While Others Saying It Is Purely Lucky For Guests To Have An Item Of The Brides Clothing. Whatever It’s Beginnings, New Traditions Around The Garter Have Arisen Over The Years, With Now A Commonly Held Belief Being That, Like The Catching Of The Bouquet For Women, Whichever Man Catches The Garter Will Be The Next To Wed.

So To This Mind, When Selecting Your Bridal Lingerie, It Is Of Course Important To Purchase Underwear That Is Going To Compliment Your Dress And Keep You Looking Fabulous All Day Long. But Don’t Forget The Garter. Current Fashions Allow For Ostentatious And Glamorous Garter Designs Which Have A Place Even In The Classiest Of Weddings. Nod To History, Tradition And Superstition And, On Your Wedding Day, Affix A Garter In Place With Pride.