Satin Spandex Corset

Bridal Underwear

For The Vast Majority Of Women, It Is Unlikely Any Other Garment Worn In Their Entire Lifetimes Is Going To Be As Important As Their Wedding Dress. From A Young Age, Girls Dream Of The Sweeping White Dress Which Will Transform Them Into A Princess For That One Special Day And Create That Ultimate Timeless Look.

However, Far Too Many Women Forget To Give The Due Attention To The Foundation On Which That Dress Will Lie; Bridal Lingerie. Of Course, It Is Possible To Just Wear Any Old Pair Of Bra And Knickers For Your Wedding Day.

If You’re Blessed With A Stunning Figure Or A Gown With Ready Built Support, This Is A More Than Viable Option. However, Most Women Do Need A Little Help And Selecting The Right Lingerie Is Almost As Important As The Selection Of The Gown Itself.

In This Article, I Will Write About A Specific Type Of Lingerie That Most Would Only Consider Wearing For Their Wedding Day And At No Other Time In Their Lives. I Speak Of The Corselet. Bridal Underwear you May Know This Particular Garment By A Variety Of Different Names, Which Include The Corsetlette And Torsolette.

For The Uninitiated, A Corselet Consists Of Brassiere And Girdle In One Piece Of Material. It Tends To Have Straps, Extends Right Down The Torso And Across The Hips, Then Is Used To Secure In Place A Set Of Garters.

The Design Originates From The Early 20th Century And Has Survived All These Years – Such Longevity Through Changing Fashions Must Mean It’s Doing Something Right, Though It Is Now Primarily Used In Bridal Lingerie Only.

As It Covers So Much Of A Woman’s Body, You’re Probably Wondering Why On Earth I Would Recommend Such A Garment As Bridal Underwear. While I Can See It Isn’t The Sexiest Of Garments For The Wedding Night, It Is Easily The Best – And Believe It Or Not, Most Comfortable – Way Of Creating Smooth, Seamless Lines Which May Mould The Body And Create The Perfect Silhouette For A Wedding Gown.

A Corselet Doesn’t Need To Be Restrictive And Uncomfortable; In Fact, One That Fits Correctly Will Never Be So. The All-In-One Nature Of A Corselet Means That When It Comes To Bridal Lingerie, If You Are Wearing A Dress That Is Remotely Skin Fitting (And Most Are), To Get The Most Out Of Your Body And Shape, A Corselet Is The Right Choice.

It Will Give Definition And Lift Where There Is None, Provide Support Throughout The Entire Wedding Day And Showcase A Beautiful Wedding Gown To Its Full Potential.

And Of Course, After Looking Amazing All Day Thanks To Your Corselet, You Can Always Change Into Something More Enticing Before The Commencement Of The Wedding Night!

For Any UK Woman Blessed With A Less Than Perfect Figure And A Desire To Look Flawless On Her Wedding Day, A Corselet Is An Essential Item Of Bridal Lingerie. They May Look Terrifying, But The Effect They Will Have Will Be Nothing Short Of Show Stopping.